Land Developments in On-Site Marketing’s Portfolio Include:

  • Meadow View- 1st addition
  • Meadow View- 2nd addition
  • Steeple View- addition
  • Meadow View- 3rd addition
  • Harvest Ridge- addition
  • Harvest View Estates
  • Harvest Creek- 1st addition
  • Shadow Stone- 1st addition
  • Shadow Stone- 2nd addition
  • Harvest Pond- 1st addition
  • Harvest Pond- 2nd addition
  • Harvest Pond- 3rd addition
  • Harmony Meadows- 1st addition
  • Harmony Meadows- 2nd addition
  • Harvest Hills
  • Harmony Meadows- 3rd addition
  • Cress View Estates- 44 luxury homes
  • Harvest Meadows- 1st addition
  • Harvest Meadows- 2nd addition
  • Harvest Bluff- 1st addition
  • Harvest Bluff- 2nd addition
  • Tara Farms- 1st addition
  • Tara Farms- 2nd addition
  • Tara Farms- 3rd addition
  • Scenic Estates
  • Beach Street- 1st addition
  • Winker Park
  • Rowena Ponds- 1st/2nd addition
  • Highview Estates
  • Buffalo Ridge Estates 1st Addition
  • Buffalo Ridge Estates 2nd Addition
  • St. Patrick Estates

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